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Enjoying Winter Break Without Breaking the Bank

As Winter break approaches (no more exams or classes for 2 weeks!) it is time to think of what you will do over the holidays. For many students, a trip home uses up meager savings and does not leave much left for entertainment or gifts. Here are some ideas:

Gifts – People truly appreciate gifts that are made and not purchased. Consider baking cookies, framing a photograph or offer a gift certificate of your time (car washing, computer training for parents/grandparents, housecleaning or child minding).

Tour the Neighbourhood – Winter break often brings out the decorations. Local newspapers or websites list the best streets with the best light displays. Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate and check them out!

Connect with Friends and Family – If you can’t go home for the holidays connect with those you love via Skype.

Volunteer – With no exams or classes, you may have time to give back to your community. Local food banks and shelters often need an extra set of hands at this busy time of year and you will feel good knowing that you have made a difference.

Questions about funding or finances?
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