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8 proven ways to be happier that you can try today

Rate this article and enter to winMoney, fame, love, sports, chocolate—what gets you excited? For centuries, we’ve been trying to figure out what makes us happy. Psychologists, economists, theologians, and others have come at...
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20-18 Days to a Healthier You!

2018 Days to a Healthier You!Jan 8-26Free Yoga & Activities Everyday!Over $1000 in Climbing & Yoga PassesSearch 'SHAPE Health Challenge' On FacebookSHAPE Health Challenge Sponsored by: Fierce Heart Whole Foods Mok Sana Shelbourne Physical...
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Commit to your future: How exploring your interests can help you reach Your goals

Rate this article and enter to winIf you’re ready to jump into extracurricular activities, consider slowing down first. By doing some research and refining your activities list, you’ll be able to happily balance life...
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Creative ways to break a sweat: Making fitness part of any activity

Rate this article and enter to winYou might not think there’s time to fit physical activity into your busy schedule, but you can keep up with everything you have going on and still make...
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Give and receive good cheer

Rate this article and enter to winAt the end of your semester, you probably want to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. But once you’re awake, what will you do with your time?School breaks...
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Staying active no matter the weather

Rate this article and enter to winWinter brings a lot of things to mind: exams, hockey, holidays, sweaters—and for the outdoor enthusiast—a new set of challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just enjoy...