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6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Rate this article and enter to winDespite all the headlines about the latest trendy diet clogging up your news feed, experts say diets don’t actually work. “The most significant problem with extreme ‘dieting’ is...
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Ask the nutritionist: “How do you manage a healthy diet when you’re constantly busy?”

—Laura T., University of New Brunswick, Fredericton and Saint JohnEating well can feel stressful when juggling multiple priorities like studying, socializing, work, extracurricular activities, and family. The key is making nourishment a way to...
plated tostada

UCookbook: Tada! Your customizable tostada

Rate this article and enter to winA little bored with Taco Tuesday? Switch it up with Tostada Thursday (but, really, you can eat these any day of the week). Our recipe piles all of...
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20-18 Days to a Healthier You!

2018 Days to a Healthier You!Jan 8-26Free Yoga & Activities Everyday!Over $1000 in Climbing & Yoga PassesSearch 'SHAPE Health Challenge' On FacebookSHAPE Health Challenge Sponsored by: Fierce Heart Whole Foods Mok Sana Shelbourne Physical...

Get Your Greens Smoothie!

By Nicole Fetterly, RDI have a hard time eating breakfast in the morning (as do about 50% of the clients I’ve presented to or counseled) because of lack of appetite and feeling rushed. But...
Beans and greens burger

UCookbook: Beans and greens burger

Rate this article and enter to winDid you know frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh? We'll show you how to use your frozen peas for more than icing down sore knees—like making a...
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UCookbook: Crispy zucchini latkes

Rate this article and enter to winThe latke: A pancake marries a potato, and you get to eat it for dinner. What’s not to latke? Even if you’ve never heard of or seen one...
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Ask the doc: “Which is less healthy, ultimately: fat or sugar?”

—Gavin G.*, University of Victoria, British Columbia (*Name changed)You’re not the only one asking this question—medical scientists are doing the same. First, understand that sugar and fat aren’t your enemies. They play a role...

Try Yoga for a Healthy Mind & Body!

DROP-IN YOGALooking for a space to relax and re-energize for the week? Stop by CARSA on Sundays from 7-7:55pm for drop-in yoga! More info: or 250-472-4000
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UCookbook: Cranked-up apple pie crepes

Rate this article and enter to winIt’s October, and if you’re anything like we are, you’ve been knee-deep in pumpkin for weeks. But there are other stars of the season, and they too come...